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New Kent Winery Newsletter Winter, 2013
Snow 1
The winery in the snow

Valentine’s Day Chocolate & Wine Event
Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013
10:00am – 7:00pm
Chocolates by Kelly

Join us on Valentine’s Day as we pair gourmet chocolates by Richmond’s Chocolates by Kelly with 4 of our wines during tastings. As a special treat, Kelly herself will be here from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, ready to answer any questions about her delicious chocolates. There is no additional charge for this event — tastings are $6 per person, and a tasting and tour is $8 per person. Reservations are not required, but please give us a call at 804-932-8240 for groups of 10 or more. We hope to see you!

Winter vineyard

Where to Find  
New Kent Wines

If you live in Virginia, New Kent wines are never too far away. More shops and restaurants are carrying one or more of our wines than ever before (a complete list is here). Be sure to call before you go if you are looking for a specific New Kent wine, as stores may not carry our full wine selection.

In addition to these shops and restaurants, Virginia ABC stores are now carrying New Kent Winery’s Chardonnay, Meritage, and White Merlot! We are also able to ship our wine anywhere in Virginia, though not out of state.
Bottle tree
Our bottle tree

Wine Trivia: “Sex” and the Grape Vine 
(Or What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You About the Birds and the Bees!)

Wild grape vines pollinate differently than domesticated vines. While wild vines have single-sex flowers that will not bear fruit unless pollinated by insects, domesticated vines have flowers that that allow for self-pollination through the blowing wind and fruit production on every flower.

Grape vines are among the first crops that humans not only cultivated but also cross-bred to make them more suitable for reliable harvest.
Snow view
This issue features some beautiful photos of the recent snow at the winery & vineyards by photographer Christine McLean. For even more photos, check out our Facebook page.

What’s New at Your Winery
by Mike Bobbitt, Operations Manager


With the holidays behind us and spring weather still a couple of months away, this time of the year often turns into the doldrums — but that is not the case at your winery.


Preparations are under way to participate in

approximately eight wine festivals throughout Virginia this year, with the first one coming up the end of February when we are pouring at the Virginia Wine Expo in Richmond. The Virginia Wine Expo will be held on Feb. 23rd & 24th at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. This is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier wine event that continues to grow every year. We hope to see you at our booth!  


TONK Aerial
A Taste of New Kent Wine Festival

Of course, two of our festivals this year will be on site: New Kent Winery will host A Taste of New Kent on Saturday, May 11th and  Classics on the Green on Sunday, September 15th. These two festivals have grown in recent years and we anticipate 2013 will be even bigger and better. For a full listing of the festivals where we’ll be set up, please refer to our website, . This year Anne Green-Rulli will be heading the festival staff, so if you visit us at festivals, be sure and stop by and congratulate Anne on her new role.


Winter is also time in which we prepare for our special events, and New Kent Winery has quickly become a premier destinations for those seeking that special location for their wedding & reception. In less than two years, New Kent Winery has hosted nearly 50 weddings, and over 25 are planned for 2013. With numerous inquires into 2014 and beyond, this social calendar is expected to continue to prosper.


Peggy Mickles is busy preparing our first Barrel Club event of the year on Saturday, March 16th. This will be a wine social with Tom Payette (our Award Winning Wine Maker) and Pete Johns (our Managing Partner). Barrel Club members will want to put this date on your calendar and make plans to attend, as you will be sampling wines prior to bottling and also doing some vertical pairing with the same wine, only different vintages. We’re still working with our caterer for that ideally paired food, but I know Peggy will have some delicious selections.

Planning is also underway for our ever-popular
Cooking Classes. We hope to begin these classes in April and run through November. Due to many requests for an evening class (for those who work during the day) we are also trying to arrange a few months in which we have both a lunch time and dinner class. Look for information in the next few months as Erin Moskalski finalizes these plans.


Due to the efforts of  Andrea Kephart, we hope that you begin seeing more New Kent wines in your local store or restaurant. Andrea is busy trying to grow our sales in areas where our distributor doesn’t service. If you have that favorite grocery store, wine shop or restaurant that doesn’t serve our wine, please let us know. 


On a more immediate note, we will once again offer Chocolates by Kelly chocolates on our tasting bar this Valentine’s Day (see side bar). We also have a special, heart-shaped box of her Valentine’s Day Chocolate Selections available after February 1st at your winery. So

guys, don’t be like many of those “last-minute Romeos” who purchase candy for their sweetheart at the local drug store on Valentine’s Day. Be unique, be creative, be original, and consider chocolates made in Richmond, VA by our third generation chocolatier — along with a bottle of your honey’s favorite New Kent wine in a special bag — that tells her just how special she is. Hope to see you on Valentine’s Day!


Richmonders who listen to Jimmy Barrett’s Morning Show on WRVA have already learned that the Club at Viniterra, our neighboring golf course, is hosting the Jimmy Barrett Blue Ball Golf Tournament this year on March 1st. New Kent Winery is excited to be a part of this event, as we’ll be serving wine during the tournament as well as hosting the dinner & awards ceremony at the winery. Listen to WRVA or visit their website for more information on this exciting event benefiting the Fisher House at McGuire’s Veteran’s Hospital.


New Kent Winery will also host the Boy Scouts of America for their annual Heart of Virginia Council Klondike Derby Feb. 23rd & 24th. Scouts from the area will be camping near the vineyards and competing in a test of skills and endurance. 


In may be cold outside and we may not be operating with much daylight this time of the year, but we’re still busy in preparations for another record setting year at your New Kent Winery. Thank you all for a prosperous 2012 and we look forward to yet an even better 2013. Salute! 


The Growth of the Virginia Wine Market

by Pete Johns, Managing Partner


With each new year comes great hope and optimism, so it is with the growing of grapes in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As we go about the arduous task of pruning the vines in the dead of winter, we think of the coming season and wonder what challenges we will face.

The Virginia Wine Industry is growing at an extremely rapid pace. Virginia now has more than 240 registered wineries open for business, with more than 50 other prospects eager to join the ranks. The growing of wine grapes in Virginia has not kept up with demand, however. The number of new wineries in the Commonwealth will require a significant increase in the numbers of new growers to keep up with supply needs.  

To illustrate how the wine industry has grown, here are a few facts: 20 years ago there were approximately 2,000 wineries in the United States; today there are over 10,000. It is estimated that more than 18 million people will visit US wineries in 2013. These guests will spend more than $900 billion dollars on travel expenses incurred to visit wineries and more and $180 billion will be spent purchasing wine.

Virginia is ranked as the 5th largest wine producing state in the Union. Virginia wine contributes more than $747 million annually to Virginia’s economy. There are more than 5,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the wine industry of Virginia that pay more than $160 million in wages annually. The retail value of Virginia wines sold within the Commonwealth last year was more than $76 million. There were more than 1,800,000 wine related tourists visiting Virginia wineries in 2012 and even more are expected in 2013.

The National Wine Market Council divides the general wine drinking adult population into 3 categories:

  • Core wine consumers – those who drink wine weekly or more often
  • Marginal wine consumers – those who drink wine less often but do drink wine several times per month
  • Non-adapters of wine – those who drink beer and/or spirits but do not drink wine

Interesting to note that more than 63% of the Core wine consumers are women and that these women purchase more than 84%of all the wines. We at New Kent Winery admire and respect women, especially those that like wine. 


We will continue to produce the highest quality wines possible, provide exceptional service to our guests and make every effort possible to make your visit to our winery a memorable and enjoyable experience. 


New Kent Winery

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